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Clayton Sanders began working for Hope Industries as a trainee photographic engineer in 1984. When Hope Industries closed in 1992 Clayton formed C&G Consultant Engineers with ex Hope colleague Graham Sharrocks. Originally designed to give some backup to Hope customers we then began to provide engineering support to Fuji. Karl Sharrocks Graham's son finally joined us in 1997. We began working as Fuji trained engineers on various machines such as the Pictrostat and Pictrography then the full range of Minilabs and Drylabs. So 30 years in the industry this year.


Karl Sharrocks has been an engineer all his life. Originally out on the road as a typewriter engineer, then from 1986 to 1992 working with Clayton and Graham at Hope Industries. Following the demise of Hope, Karl began working for Barclays Bank as an in house engineer at a cheque book printing works in Milton Keynes. Then a brief stint with Noritsu followed before joining C&G in 1997.

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